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Consumer Brands on Blockchain

Newsletter - June 2023

Dear Partners and Friends,

We at Animoca Capital are starting a periodic content series to delve into key developments of Web3. In the months to come, we will be exploring Privacy & Web3, Permissioned Blockchains, Hackers vs Web3 and other topics.

For our inaugural edition, we thought we'd start the summer with an overview of how consumer brands are innovating their customer engagement with the power of blockchain technologies. We hope that you will come away with a better sense of how blockchain is poised to fundamentally disrupt how leading consumer brands approach customer marketing programs and product management.

Consumer Brands on Blockchain

During the early days of the internet, not many could envisage the subsequent development of internet search, social media, e-commerce, internet-of-things, connected services and more, let alone the birth of social influencers, affiliate marketing, social and search ads and so many new models with which to build a business. Every new big innovation and technology unlocks new business models that simply were not possible previously.

Similarly, for blockchain technology, we are at the very earliest stages of innovation and adoption, but we are starting to see large brands leverage the technology to solve business problems, remain relevant in the next era of connected consumer behaviour and create new and innovative digital experiences for their customers. We take a closer look at three ways we see brands utilizing blockchain technologies in terms of: (1) enabling ownership of brand identity, (2) loyalty and rewards programs as well as (3) supply chain and transaction settlement.

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