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AI and Blockchain – An Intelligent Match

Newsletter - October 2023

Dear Partners and Friends,

Welcome back to the latest edition of our research series on key concepts and developments in Web3.

AI has been one of the hottest topics of the past year particularly with the breakout applications enabled by ChatGPT. Advancements in AI and blockchain have, in fact, opened up significant opportunities to employ the two technologies together. In this edition we discuss how AI and blockchain are two highly complementary and synergistic technologies: AI creates intelligent inferences from ingesting and processing vast quantities of data, while blockchain secures data and transmits value with unparalleled efficiency. In combination, we see a value unlock between two digitally native and computationally intense technologies that is greater than the sum of the parts.

In the first section, we draw some parallels to intensive corporate development work in both AI and blockchain that have occurred over many years. In the second section, we highlight how blockchain’s attributes can be used to address some of the intrinsic, emerging challenges of AI, such as combatting the rising proliferation of deepfakes or harnessing idle compute power to drive an increasing number of AI large language models (LLMs). The third section describes specific enterprise use cases already underway from the chemicals to technology sectors.

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